Bgsu dissertation handbook

bgsu dissertation handbook

Graduate Faculty Representative can attend. For retrospective ETDs, the Graduate School and Libraries work together on policy for uploading and cataloging, and responding to inquiries about these documents. The Ohio State University Submission Deadline Process Final theses/dissertations are due on the Friday two weeks before commencement. . For reasons of long-term accessibility and preservation, Ohiolink strongly discourages documents in proprietary file formats such as Microsoft Word or Excel. The option for an embargo is stated in the Graduate School Handbook. .

Type of credit:  Specify whether the course will be counted on the graduate or undergraduate credit on your transcript. Because of this, students are able to work backwards from the submission deadline to better manage their defense scheduling and reviewing of intellectual property, patents, and embargo considerations. Templates for students using LaTeX, if your thesis or dissertation contains mathematical formulas, you might consider using this LaTeX template. . Additional documents are listed below that will assist with this process.

bgsu dissertation handbook

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No corrections to the document are allowed once approved by the Graduate School. The desired semester of return from the leave. Adobe Acrobat X Pro step-by-step guide to inserting rich media into PDF documents. On the deadline day, so students are encouraged to submit at least a day or two before the deadline. . The IRB or iacuc project ID and date of approval (if needed). If corrections are required, the document is returned to the student through Ohiolink with the formatting comments provided in the Ohiolink e-mail. The Ohio State University Document Review Process.

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