Make periods bigger in essays

make periods bigger in essays

back and relax as your content will be increased in size and no one will actually get to know about.

The key to producing longer essays of substance is basically gathering as much information as possible, brainstorming ideas and topics that prompt use to think more deeply. So, you have just finished your long content paper. Change the Font Size. Critical thinking opens up newer and wider ideas, thus providing you with plenty of material to write with. The next thing that you have to do is click on the section that says More and you will be able to open the drop-down section of Format which is found in the section of Replace. Change the Character Spacing. We know what you would. But spending an hour endlessly clicking to reach a page count seems less painful than thinking of something else to write. More: 14 Best Things Your Teacher Could Ever Say 15 Signs You're a High School Freshman. Set "Line Spacing" to multiple, and set it to something between 2 and 3 (or between 1 and 2 if its a single-spaced essay). You can't get to crazy or else your teacher will call you out, so you stick with something super similar to Times New Roman, article 91 essay but slightly bigger, like Bookman Old Style. Step 2: Click Replace Tab, click The Replace Tab on the window.

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