Essay on endangered species in pakistan

essay on endangered species in pakistan

animals will help you write a wonderful essay on endangered species. The only way to assure there are going to be big trees in the future is if there are small trees today. One unusual way to eradicate invaders could be for people to eat them. The UN claims that 15 of the top 17 fisheries are in decline. Animals existed way before humans were born so they have all the right to be alive on this earth even after there are no humans left.

Its a shame people are destroying such things for personal pleasure. Introduction, body and conclusion, you need to divide the essay into narrower sections. Exploited species include colon; the tuna, swordfish, red snapper, Atlantic salmon, Atlantic cod, sharks and lobsters. Failing these methods, if we collect genetic material now, we may be able to reincarnate extinct species by cloning them in the future. The conclusion should include important points that were covered before as well as practical recommendations. Tropical fish, birds (particularly parrots and other animals are captured and sold as pets.

By making sure we reduce, reuse, recycle, we allow places where endangered animals live to be protected from being destroyed. The Amazonian rainforest is today being cleared at rate of 24,000 km2 per year equivalent to New York Citys Central Park being destroyed every hour. Two thirds of turtles could be gone by the 2025, great apes have recently declined by over 50 in parts of Africa, half of marsupials and one in three amphibians are in jeopardy, and a staggering. The number of critically endangered species is increasing day by day which is an alarming situation. This will also help click some new ideas for the essay. Snow Leopard, a unique creature in the mountainous areas of Pakistan that is also sadly under threat.

essay on endangered species in pakistan