Essay effects of earthquakes

essay effects of earthquakes

Back to Top, tsunamis, tsunamis, which are popularly - and incorrectly - known as tidal waves are a grave hazard to many parts of the world, particularly around the Pacific Ocean basin. To understand the earthquake-resistant buildings, the engineer should carry out research to understand the earthquake effects on building from times to times. Remember that tsunamis are a series of waves, and may start with a gentle withdrawal of water, followed by a very abrupt arriving wave, followed by another withdrawal, etc. All of these effects pose a grave danger to buildings, roads, train lines, airport runways, gas lines, etc. If we think about the earthquake, we also think that nothing is more destructive than this natural calamity. The concrete blocks in the foreground are broken chunks of the center divider on the highway. Earthquake is a life threatening event that responsible for the huge damage to the living and non-living beings.

Effects of strong beams and weak columns The critical bending moments which develop in the vicinity of the frame joints occur under earthquake.
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The earthquake s waves make the ground move, shaking buildings and causing weaker structures to collapse.
The damage of properties can lead to secondary effects.

Essay effects of earthquakes
essay effects of earthquakes

People move unsteadily; some plaster cracks mmvii.21.81 Light Many people find it difficult to stand loosened bricks and tiles fall mmviii.82.42 Strong Trees shake strongly and branches break off mmix.43.04 Strong Ground cracks conspicuously, large parts of masonry buildings. Underground gas tanks and septic tanks (yuck!) have been known to float to the surface through liquefied soils. Recently, reinforced concrete frame building commonly used in modern building construction particularly in urban areas. Figure.3: S-waves move particles at 90 to the waves direction. The columns suffer severe damages if it is made weaker than beams. Whereby, this open space is used to be parking garages or commercial spaces. Sumatras earthquakes record that almost 1000 events occurred during the year 1900 to 2002 (usgsneic) with the magnitudes over.0 Ritcher scale.

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