Essay on plants more trees

essay on plants more trees

promote the growth of food consumed by both humans such as apples and oranges and animals such as elephants, giraffes among other. The oxygen serves to improve the quality of air thereby regulating the climate. The trees do so by cooling the environments through their leaves absorbing beaming of the sun, cooling the atmosphere and preserving warmth when harsh winds occur.

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Forests are dense collections of trees, plants, animals and birds within a small area of the earth. When fuels and other harmful chemicals contaminate soil and water, cleaning it up can be expensive and intensive. This is known as the Greenhouse Effect. In humans, cellular respiration also produces heat also needed in the body for thermoregulation, Thermoregulation that is an example of temperature homeostasis in humans, requires heat energy to maintain a relatively constant internal temperature. Growing more tree will help maintain soil fertility because it stops soil erosion especially within sloppy areas. Planting of trees creates economic opportunities.