Reviews thesis theme

reviews thesis theme

easy to use. There was no respect! Although the site has done really well for itself without a fast load time and perfect SEO, it was honestly a little embarrassing to see how slow my site loading was and hear from the experts how badly it was coded. Thats when Thesis appeared on my radar.

reviews thesis theme

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Final Thoughts about Thesis Theme While Thesis Theme is very reliable, at least for me and my business, I make money by solving problems Thesis problems, and by developing skins that add additional functionality to Thesis, which makes it awesome, if Thesis was perfect, I wouldnt. Page Load Time, most of you dont know this, but the SPI blog was featured on m, a website by Dan DeFelippi dedicated to website performance and optimization as a this site is extremely slow and this is what the owner should do case. I dont hate Thesis! I also depend on it to run several other projects, especially here at t and my other design project that relies. But, Thesis has obviously helped me a lot, and if I had to do it all over again Id start with this framework (and there are other frameworks you can choose from too, in case youre not a Thesis fan) and go from there.

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