Thesis on mother tongue based multilingual education

thesis on mother tongue based multilingual education

the mother tongue as a medium of instruction is the questionable part. In 2009, the US Supreme Court issued an opinion (Horne. This result provides support for hypothesis. The childs task is to find and underline the two numbers that are the same in each row within a specified time limit. Making classrooms enjoyable means equipping the schools with the necessary materials and inputs for education, supporting adequately the teachers. The sentences contain colour names in place of content words. . Closer to home, Rudy Coronel writes in his blog: with MTB-MLE program, THE deped must BE kidding! The child is required to reproduce the same figure within a more complex design presented on a separate page. The sum of the time taken for each item is the raw score. The childs task is to read colour names such as blue and yellow (item -1 to identify the colours of a series of rectangles(item -2) and then to identify the colour of the ink in which colour words are printed rather than to read the words.

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I strongly recommend taking a closer look at Table.1 of this study by Smits. However, higher education system in India impedes multilingualism. But how conclusive is the study and its findings? . Claims have been made that children learn faster and more effectively when instruction is done in the mother tongue. " However, the books translated into Hindi mainly from English have found favour with neither the students nor the teachers. The stimulus figure is exposed for five seconds. The Philippines lists 45 and 48 in columns 4 and 8, respectively. This work examined the stakeholders'perspective on the implementation of MTB-MLE as a pedagogical approach. The authors share their discussion and conclusions from the study in the paper. It means creating an environment that is physically conducive to learning.