World war i essay prompt

world war i essay prompt

outlined the rules of war that were in place during World War. How did the leadership of Otto von Bismarck shape the future of Germany to 1914? Information and resources on this page are Alpha History 2014. It is often said that British soldiers were lions led by donkeys. How did imperialism and imperial rivalry contribute to European tensions between 18? Militarism was another reason for the start of WWI. . Describe how the map of Europe was changed as a consequence of World War I and post-war treaties.

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So your professor just assigned you a horribly long 8 page history term paper assignment, and gave you a week to accomplish. When and why did voluntary enlistment fall? Discuss the issues and problems raised by conscription in Australia and Canada. Did these machines have any impact on the war and its outcomes or were they a sideshow to the real fighting on the ground? How did ordinary people live, during and after the war? There was a glorification of the military by several countries. . Germanys strategy of unrestricted submarine warfare was largely responsible for bringing the United States into the war. Brainstorming will help you make sure not one single idea is missed. Was the First World War a Total war for Britain? Because of these factors, the Germans actions would spark anger among the other countries towards Germany. . Describe its transition from a 19th century empire to the modern nation-state of Turkey. What implications did this treaty have, both for Russia and the war in general?

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