Essay on world is one family

essay on world is one family

has been said, "Eyes are bigger than the stomach". The following main principles of Vasudhaiva Kutumbkam - One Family Under God for Developing a Global hindi essay women Ethical Framework. This alone would settle many of our differences and world problems. The Mission's Publication wing is looked after by him with a visionary outlook. He retired as a senior officer there. Dialogues among religions foster mutual respects and deeper understanding of faiths. It is unfortunate that the twenty first century too has started in an environment of hostilities and holocaust. Ethics and human values cures such curses. Or, on the other hand, would you really like to see more deeply than this identity and discover what you are above and beyond the temporary and changing body? Gulati : Inaugurating the 8th International Conference on Corporate Governance in London the Nirankari Baba underlined the relevance of the spirituality for the corporate sector.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam is a philosophy that inculcates an understanding that the whole world is one family. As we know that the world has been transformed into a global village. The word 'Vasudha' means the Earth and 'Kutumbakam' means Family, carrying out the hidden message "Let there be peace and prosperity on the Earth, let the people live like a family and work for the welfare of entire humanity". Start building this one world with this simple thought in your mind. And the nature of the soul is to love and be loved. Spiritual Truth itself can manifest in different ways, depending on the lessons that an individual needs to learn, and the ways that he or she may need to grow in this particular lifetime. Working from different corners of the world, tasked to solve complex problems, facing uncertainties, while chasing tight deadlines. The Vedic literature, the oldest spiritual and philosophical texts in the world, do not preach the superiority of one religion over another, but espouse the doctrine of santana-dharma, which is the eternal path for all living beings based on the nature of the soul.

The Whole World is One Family - Stephen Knapp

essay on world is one family

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But this ignores the very love, compassion and tolerance that most religions claim to represent or teach. The giant strides made by man also bring in their wake, a brave new world bereft of ethical human values. As corporate citizens it is important to ensure stability, integrity, transparency and effectiveness in the organizations we work. World is one family. Peace can be achieved through dialogue. Gulati is also Secretary, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation. Future is nothing but the reflection of our own thoughts. By imbibing human values and upholding each-others self-esteem, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam can be established. How much easier it could be if we focused on our similarities instead of our differences. Everyone is working and wishing for that, because happiness is found in relations, and no happiness is higher than a deep loving relationship. The society in which we live is made up of the same people who work in its companies.

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