Abdominal tuberculosis thesis

abdominal tuberculosis thesis

essay about minor parties the form of obstipation, vomiting, abdominal distension, and colicky abdominal pain. Abdominal tuberculosis flows like chronic pancreatitis. 4 : cect abdomen showing multiple hypodense mesenteric nodes having enhancing peripheral rim. 7 : cect abdomen showing diffuse circumferential mural thickening of caecum. In time, pyloric growth can develop. With esophagoscopy, ulcers, hyperplastic granulations or scarring of ulcers with the development of stenosis are detected. AJR 1995; 165: Tandon HD, Prakash.

AJR 1996; 167: Buxi TBS, Vohra RB, Sujatha Y. Gastroduodenal tuberculosis may present as peptic ulcer with or without gastric outlet obstruction or perforation and may mimic malignancy.

In the hypertrophic form of intestinal tuberculosis, the clinical picture may mimic malignant neoplasms such as lymphoma or carcinoma. In circumstances where clinical suspicion is strong, but results of investigations are equivocal, a diagnostic laparatomy may be a safer option. A thickening of the small bowel mesentery of 15 mm or more and an increase in mesenteric 172 Fig. Tuberculosis of the spleen gives meager symptoms. However, sometimes it may lead to a delay in diagnosis and treatment of conditions like malignancy, lymphoma, and Crohn s disease which can mimic tuberculosis clinically and radiologically. Adhesive form of peritonitis is the result of a complicated course of tuberculosis of the abdominal cavity with the formation of multiple adhesions.

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