Essay on the human heart

essay on the human heart

formation and conduction may be changed by the action of nerves. F a h e a g b d g. Hold the structure of the cell in place insuring to keep all of the sacs at a distance from each other and. Waller (1887) first recorded the electrocardiogram but Einthoven (1903) studied ECG in details, therefore, he got Nobel Prize in 1924 for the discovery of ECG. All these chambers are separated by a tissue layer, called as septum. In the right atrium adjoining the interatrial septum, an oval depression, the fossa ovalis is present. Outside the parietal pericardium there is a fibrous layer which is called the. 18.10 The mammalian heart is myogenic (myomuscle, genic originating from). With the oxygen of the blood having been diffused into tissue cells, the blood that has gone through the digestive tract enters into the hepatic portal system, while blood that has not gone through the digestive tract is transported directly back to the heart. The impulses of contraction start from the SA node and spread throughout the artia.

A normal electro gram (ECG) is composed of a P wave, a QRS wave (complex) and a T wave. It is present in the heart of some annelids and most arthropods. I will talk about all of the ways that ruin it and I will cover the valves of the heart as well, which are important to the blood flow of the heart. Lastly the aortic valve, this valve plays an important role in stopping the back flow of the blood from left ventricle to the aorta. But there is no flow of blood from the ventricles to the aorta and pulmonary trunk as the semilunar valves remain closed. If this migration event is blocked, cardia bifida results where the two heart primordia remain separated. The pericardium protects the heart from shocks and mechanical injuries and also allows free movements of the heart. (c) Complete Ventricular Systole: When the ventricles complete their contraction, the blood flows into the pulmonary trunk and aorta as the semilunar valves open.

essay on the human heart

Weight of Human Heart : An average adult heart is about. Its weight varies in males from 280-340 g (average 300 g) and in females from 230-280 g (average 250 g). Free Essay: Introduction In our world organisms occupy a sliding scale of complexity. On one hand we have the single cell organisms, where all.