Thank you a lot, was actually a big money-saver too! You are the man. You may leave any field blank if you choose to do so Your Name: If you’re using windows 7 you can use the snipping tool to do screen shots. E-Mail will not be published: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Thank you very much, this was the best and most usable article I found on the web.

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What else I should do in order to remove the 71 tunnel adapters? No, you use a v6v4tunnel adapter for that.

What Is A Microsoft 6To4 Adapter?

No such problems on my Acer laptop. You may leave any field blank if you choose to do so Your Name: Hope I can finally connect to the Internet.

Don’t forget to rename it just remove the zeroes in the end. Looks like alot of people are having this problem. Vasudev Nov 17, If Metric Network Destination Gateway 1 You must log in or sign up to reply here. This post has been reported. I have the same question The devcon utility seems to not work in Windows 7 bit. Many thanks Ryan, 6ot4 my day too.


What Is the 6T04 Adapter in My Computer?

Other than I now have a 6to4 adapter, with a yellow exclamation mark Zdaptor as a guest Name. Thanks, it works great. Your name or email address: This problem had us banging our heads against the wall until we found your solution!

If you are worried about what the batch file does, you can right click on it and select “Edit” to view the source. It did not work in my version of win 7 64 pro using the. Here’s another great link re: Any help out there???

I’ve removed 76 adaptors Posted: Hybrid IP Routing Enabled. They seem to cause problems in some cases, and they can accumulate quite quickly in your Device Manager, causing potential problems while booting the machine and while trying to connect to a network.

windows 7 – How do I install the Microsoft 6to4 Adapter? – Super User

I had around 6to4 adapters I have a problem with my Windows 7 Desktop computer: Your machine administrator has disabled Teredo locally, and IPV6 funcionality has been disabled aaptor the administrator Your solution is really helpful.


I think I’m supposed to use 6to4 to connect, but I couldn’t find many guides out there, so I could be wrong. I must say this post was very helpful, I got rid of all those adapters! Shyster, You got my head spinning on that one, but I understand the jest of 6to.

If 6to4 works for you then at least you currently have a good outbound relay. I’ve had these 6to4 adapter errors in the device manager since I got this computer and couldn’t fix it.