Essay on advertisement promotes sales

essay on advertisement promotes sales

These methods compete with each other in the field of modern advertisement. Strong Theory Week Theory Awareness Interest Desire Action No Knowledge of brand Point of sales purchase Awareness Trial Reinforcement Nudging Fig.1 Strong and weak theories of Advertising Source: Blythe, J (2005 Principle Practice of Marketing page 481 Strong theory states that advertising is powerful. So businessmen spend huge sum of money on advertisement and this is a highly profitable investment. Both these tools are used to by the companies to increase short and long term profitability for the Company.

So this gives a rough conclusion that establishment wish to influence buyer behaviour and thus introduce different reduced price campaigns. According to Philip Kotler, Promotion encompasses all the tools in the marketing mix whose major role is persuasive communication. Advertising and sales promotions are the marketing tools that according to Egan, j (2007) are used from centuries ago by marketing and business professionals to incline people towards their product. Advertising helps the media to grow Cons of Advertising Advertisement is expensive; affordable by big companies.

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Pop-up ads, paid search ads and text ads are visible on many websites. So I am going for a detail analysis through research questions. The fourth factor is the psychological factors that mean people have different attitude toward buying. Vref1 titleAdvertising And Sales Promotion And Impact On Consumer Marketing Essay m dateNovember 2013 accessdate locationNottingham, UK Reference Copied to Clipboard. In some cultures cinemas and videos are discouraged so advertising should be designed according to region to make it more attractive. It improves sales so that companies experience economies of sales and can reduce cost of the product The advertising industry gives employment to a whole set of creative and artistic people. Sales promotion in any form like free gifts, premiums, contests, samples, bonuses, loyalty cards stimulate customer in purchase decision and that in turn raise short term sales increase. Both these statement lead to a controversy and thus we can simply conclude that there are some factors that influence firm revenue. Businesses today are struggling to lead market and build new customers. In these one person of family group or depend on other elder of the family and thus affecting all texas a&m engineering essay prompt in family that makes appear as a obstacle in purchasing desire.

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