Radioactive pollution in hindi essay

radioactive pollution in hindi essay

result in illness or death. Human greediness and misuse of freeness of doing anything lead them towards serious degradation and mismanagement of resources. Of course, animals are not able to read these warnings, and this is why adequate containers are also needed. Alternative names for radioactive pollution include radioactive contamination and radiological contamination. More Essays on Pollution: Pollution Essay : Air Pollution Water Pollution Soil Pollution Noise Pollution Land Pollution Pollution Slogans : Air Pollution Slogans Water Pollution Slogans Soil Pollution Slogans Noise Pollution Slogans More on Plastic Pollution: Essay on Plastic Bag Essay on Plastic Pollution Why. Accordingly the pollution of natural resources causes imbalance in the ecosystem. Pollution in India is a big environmental issue which everyone must be aware.

radioactive pollution in hindi essay

Effects of radioactive pollution. Essay on Human Organ Trafficking in Hindi.

Another cause is chemical spills. However, it becomes helpless in protecting us if we disturbs its natural cycle and force it to harm. Some harmful environmental contaminants created by us in the form of smoke, solid or liquid wastes get intermingled into the environment and pollute. However, it was much better that if we give it nothing but we give it pollution and contamination regularly. It is also good to know precisely what radioactive substances are. However, we all forget our responsibility and busy in our daily routine and competitions to just fulfill our needs in anyways. It hampers the existence of both human and nature together as both are the completeness to each other. The source of noise pollution is the noise created from the heavy machinery, vehicles, radio, TV, speaker, etc which causes hearing problems and sometimes deafness.

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