Www my family essay

www my family essay

time everything in our world changes, including both the way it looks and the way it feels. On the first day of first grade, I didn't want to go to school, I had butterflies in my stomach and I found it difficult to walk because I was so nervous. There are 7 people in my family. Of course I know I'll make friends, but none of them will mean as much to me as my family does. We are a big family of seven people. The only problem was and still remains, the empty hole in my heart from the abandonment of my father, and now my mother. I love my family. Watching as the pain and struggle has continuously tormented my heart leaving me the only escape of climbing into the unknown. I found myself searching for answers to my confusion, but with every answer received, it was trailed by a million new questions.

No matter what we have done, they always have cordial words and a piece of advice for. I importance of philosophy in education essay understand the phrase "we always spend a good time together" with no problems! We all go to our native village in summer vacation. "He is a dynamic and talkative" gives me a great picture of your brother's personality! What did you do with your Grandpas? I have a mother, a father, two sisters, a brother and a loving granny. Moving in with my aunt and uncle saved my life; they gave me the family I have always dreamed for. Or, maybe, you have always had and that has made you what you are? We were happy to live in a small town surrounded by picturesque landscapes full of promises and secrets and my siblings and I knew it like our finger-ends.

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