Words not to use in an essay

words not to use in an essay

a different way to express your ideas. Words to use instead: genuinely, veritably, undoubtedly, profoundly, indubitably. Number things with first, second, third, etc. Sort of/Kind of, using these words is sort of annoying to the reader. Leaving them out results in the same meanings and makes the sentences much tighter and more direct: Some people are persnickety about writing. I bet when you finished a case, you would not say, I found out the reason that.

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It is better to state the exact amount or at least hand over an educated guess. Let it do its work alone without adding extra emphasis. What to write instead: Lead into your body paragraphs by beginning with a topic sentence that follows the concepts outlined in your thesis statement. This guideline includes almost all slang and almost all contractions. Some demeaning words such as dumb can almost always be specified better by using a less demeaning, more precise word. In due time Henceforth To indicate certainty Truly Sincerely Genuinely Surely Rightfully Absolutely Indubitably Certainly Without doubt Needless to say To indicate doubt Most likely More likely Possibly Probably Dubitable - Open to doubt or suspicion Dubious - Distressed with uncertainty or doubt To summarize. Really A hollow word that does not add much value. Only Look out for placement. Suppose to, use. But if you cannot provide the details, try these: Words to use instead: copious, bountiful, myriad, prevalent, manifold. Do you know of a person, place, or phenomena that always does an action? If your essay responds to a prompt, you are well advised to use the words and ideas in the prompt frequently throughout the essay.

1 of one million books? Instead of stating that, Poetry can be written about anything, why not list some possibilities: Your loneliness in a new city, a recent divorce, how an insect flies through wind filled with tree fluff, your disgust of politics in Buenos Aires, how you wished you. Reason: Which emotion is being felt? Firstly, secondly, thirdly, etc.

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