This software runs only under Mac OS X. This version fixes support for drive volumes greater than 2TB. Read Write One Drive Performance. Mirrored RAID 1 will sometimes hang on erase volume. Aug 12, Posts: Update the port multiplier board’s firmware. I’ve tested the cable and chassis Thermaltake BlackX Duet elsewhere and they worked fine, and both drives would show up when connected via USB albeit at a drastically slower speed.

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Problem with Silicon Image 3132 Driver on Snow Leopard!

Not compatible with PCIe 3. While the chip itself is physically labeledit identifies itself to the system as a Note that you must have a drive installed in the enclosure to update the firmware. I noticed an instant improvement in read times when quickly shuttling through HD timelines.

Right next to the center of the universe Registered: I’ll check the file for the device ID tonight. Si not found for unload request. Silicon Image can provide the latest firmware, but the flasher program only works with PCs.

I know the inner workings of my machine fairly well Mac Pro so I had no trouble installing the device. If not, add them might have to use a command line text editor with sudo.


Driver for PCI RAID Controller – Apple Community

This version also fixes greater than 2TB drive volume support, and restores S. I think you need to be. Drives connected to Tempo SATA E2P appear to the system as not-removable hard drives, and there is no mechanism in Windows to prepare them for removal. Aug 7, Posts: What 01×095 are you getting? The card is recognized in System Profiler: Expand Your Mass Storage.

Trying to load Si driver s on Mac Prodriver won’t load – Ars Technica OpenForum

This was just a test, but I was hoping it would be successful, or at mwc easier than this. Sat Dec 19, 4: Mac OS X In the upper x01095 corner, type “port multiplier” in the filter field, and then press the return key; the filtered resutls will show the port multiplier firmware identificationn.

Visit Silicon Image’s support page. Sun Dec 20, 8: As a followup, I installed the Sonnet driver. Sun Dec 20, 4: So its defintiely the card. Are mc booted to the bit kernel? How to determine whether the Silicon Image port multiplier chip is identifying itself correctly to the system: Not all host adapter cards support port multipliers, but Tempo SATA E2P does—through its two ports, this card can handle up to ten 2 drives!


When upgrading your OS X software you may need to 0x10095 your product’s Sonnet driver software. A SATA drive appears to Windows as a fixed hard drive and there is no mechanism in Windows to prepare the drive for removal except in notebook computers. Are you planning to incorporate external data storage in your computer setup, but need a SATA host controller card to make the connection? Support for up to 10 drives requires the use of drive enclosures employing either an FIS-based mca multiplier or a hardware RAID controller.

I see that other people have gotten it to work with some other cards, so I was hopeful. Installation of drivers was simple and straight forward.

SATA drive enclosures offer flexibility not found in fixed drive installations inside a computer.