The default MIDI channels for dual are channel 1 and 2. When using USB cable to connect UF keyboard to computer music system, you must install the UF driver to the computer; otherwise the system will not accept the device. Once you have used a semi-weighted keyboard for a short time, you will not want to go back to an all-plastic design. Do not jam sinks or holes of the instrument; those sinks of holes are used for air circulation to prevent the instrument from overheating. Place your order now to reserve your place in line. Full connectivity, midi in and out normal usb.

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Talk to a Sales Advisor. However, you can change the MIDI channel after turning on the split function. Call or chat with us now!

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Keep the instrument away from dust, hear and vibration. Purchasing this protection for your product guarantees you the very best post-manufacturer warranty support. Review Mifi Purchases My Posts.

I’ve tried this with two Reaper versions, 2. Check Misi pedal 2. Lots of posts on how to get the USB drivers to work Check Channel Volume Faders 2.


Send a private message to simpsongb. Do not use the instrument near water or moisture, such as bathtub, washbasin, or washing poor in the kitchen, or similar mixi. Do not jam sinks or holes of the instrument; those sinks of holes are used for air circulation to prevent the instrument from overheating.

Read and understand all the instructions. Improper connection may cause damage to the device.

Do not use gasoline, alcohol, acetone, turps or any other organic solution; do not use liquid cleaner or spray cleaner, or too wet cloth. Do not place heavy object on the instrument; do not place containers with liquid on the instrument.

If UF7 is off, I have no similar issues. The UF7 Series are also self-powered when connected to a suitable USB port meaning you do not need to ug7 in the included power supply please note: Contact us by Email:.

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The instrument functions poorly. Sign up for exclusive Deal Alerts:. A real delight for a pianist! Write a user review Ask for a user review.


Make sure the power cord is set on a safe place, so nobody will step on it and no body will get trip over by it. Find More Posts by michaelos. Check the Controller Pedal plsition 1. The power cord or connector get hurt or worn out.

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If the power is supplied via host USB, please check the USB connection, and make sure that the host computer is turned on. Unfortunately, too many manufacturer do not include this detail I discovered this brand recently and I would certainly buy this product again.

Do not place the instrument in an unstable position where it might accidentally fall over. You cannot assign the first and second voice to the same MIDI channel.

No sound when playing the 1. Visit Our Showroom [map]. People, thanks for your replies.