It started with the GUSses, and now it’s everything. Board index All times are UTC. Cleaning those cruddy contacts didn’t help. This site hosts no abandonware. It seems to give popping noises on anything other than a Sound Blaster.

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It’s using the ESF chipset, the specs of which can be found here: Do sbiload —v 1 to see evidence that it has loaded std. Don’t bother—the music is just as messed up with or without an Audii. PAT for whatever they’re worth. Added jumper J6 and pin header P2, functions unknown.

However it also creates interference, so I stopped using this cable and only use it for recording PC speaker sounds.

VOGONS • View topic – ESS AudioDrive (ES) – a surprisingly good ISA sound card

I tested two of these that came in the xrive EBay lot. The sound tests in DN3D setup sounded right but in the game itself the music was glitched.

I have tested examples of the latter two. Board index All times are UTC. The bass and treble controls even work. The product code doesn’t appear in the database.


ESS AudioDrive Esf Vintage Retro ISA Sound Audio Card Kwx-sc Mpb | eBay

EXE is likewise easy to use, and allowed me to set the MIDI and CD volumes both muted by defaultand the volume levels were perfect first time which is a rare thing in my experience. The GUS Classic does that by default. I would go with an ESS oras long as they have the wavetable connector placed in a suitable position. OPTi chips were used on off-brand cards that are anything but rare.

In another touch of irony, the Windows drivers didn’t even work.

Linux prints no log messages during boot to acknowledge that a non-PnP Sound Blaster is present. Wav music sounds good. The drivers are included in the Vogon Drivers site.

I have several of these cards still around here somewhere. The 71x can supposedly do that, however the setup program doesn’t know how.

So your observations might be true for the CT, but not for all cards with the Vibra16S. Discussion about old PC hardware. Any chance you could give it a go with SoftMPU?

This clone stands out by claiming compatibility with the Sound Blaster 16 instead of merely Sound Blaster Pro 2. However, after initial success it became audoi that some of the instruments are just bad and wrong for music that was tuned for a genuine OPL3. The DOS software — which can be found on Vogon Drivers — is bare bones but is easy to use and powerful.


ESS AudioDrive Es1868f Vintage Retro ISA Sound Audio Card Kwx-sc1671 Mpb-000050

The default mixer settings are reasonable given whatever output level the unmarked jumpers have selected. Often it will get wedged and cause driver failures after a warm reboot. CFG file and change the value of Dma0 or Dma1 as needed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nothing remains in memory after it runs, so it ought to have been built as an EXE.

Possible kernel regression here. Despite the prominent MegaImage32 label on the back, I still cannot identify this card with any well-known make and model. These cards are great for both windows and dos retro gaming. This site hosts no abandonware.