So, we go to import: I next entered this: It should be in the c: January 22, at 5: I am writing it as I go too, so I remember an problems along the way. I just copied and pasted both lines with the device and connection. To see the completed set up file, look at the bottom of this post.

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I went searching for answers.

issue mysql 5.5 gammu-smsd: unknown DB driver

So, we go back to c: For the modem I have, I checked what com port the modem was connected on. Firstly, I uninstalled the service.

You will also see a few SMS messages in the gammu-ssmsd like so: This site uses cookies. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Next, you can text out if the device is working if you want.


gammu on windows 7 64bit and mysql

So the next thing to do is get the software required to make the SMS magic happen. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

When you get the x86 version, you must download a file called libiconv January 22, at 5: At the writing, this was the gammu-mssd version. The drive cannot find the sector requested.

Unknown DB driver Failed to read config: Now we go and remove that directory. Yes, that worked, but now there is another problem… I went searching for answers.

Gammu on a Windows computer for SMS Database « Stephen Monro’s blog

I installed it follow you. August 5, at So just get the zip file you require. So unfortunately this has been a struggle for me at this stage….

Error, Start Gammu Service – gammu said: July 30, at 8: There are Windows Binaries now available. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

For example, on my mac my MAMP setup comes up on this: Now to get the services gammu-smsdd installed.


Stephen Monro’s blog

April 23, at 3: I just grabbed the zip file. Update December There are Windows Binaries now available.

July 30, at 4: April 19, at 3: Firstly, I bought 2 modems from ebay. So much for out of the box. Sadly I had the same problem.

Hopefully that worked well for you. Apparently there is a compatibility issue with MySQL 5.